Thursday, June 08, 2006

Marker wonderings

Sitting in the local coffee joint, I cracked open a pad of vellum and my Copic markers and just started cranking out quick sketches: just abstractions. You can almost make out hints of strange buildings and landscapes. I scanned these sketches into Photoshop and started playing around with them and combining them in various ways untill I started comming up with some interesting compositions.

There are three original sheets of marker sketches, and one work in progress experimention and exploration from the scanned sketches. Sometimes when just doing quick sketches without much thought frees up possibilities. This methode of sketching may become a regular practice as it seems to lead to interesting beginnings for more elaborate pieces.


Lubomir said...

These came out looking very nice, good work :)

Chance Raspberry said...

These are AWESOME, really start to see things!! And thanks for your comment, Arash! Keep up the amazing work.