Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Some sketches of various nefarious characters. I was thinking war, espionage and spies. You got your mad scientists, thugs, master minds, etc. The best way, for me, to come up with various caricatures is to sketch out the basic shapes of the head in terms of simple geometry: ovals, triangles, etc. Once the overall flow of the head shape is determined, I sort of "hang" the features on top of the basic shapes-- from general to specific. The entire time I try to push the features and shapes around as if playing with a lump of clay, and that's where the exaggeration is applied. The temptation is to always go back for endless noodling. Not always a good idea since the drawing could loose its spotaneity.

Soon I will be posting some works in steps from a rough concept to a final piece, a work-flow of sorts.


Mike said...

Hey Arash,

These are amazing...your art has blown through the roof since the old days when we worked on Clarence The Window Washing Cowboy. I'd love to touch base and catch up with you...I also have a recent project that sent me looking for you (I actually pay now...lol)


arash tirgari said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the compliments. Long time no see! Definitly email me your contact info. I am always in the lookout for interesting project to work on. My email should be under my profile. So drop a line for sure.


Alina Chau said...

very coool wicked character drawings!